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Our First eBook by a Panorama Author


Tales From The Mountainside: Adventures From Youth To Old Age” is now available as an eBook in the library through Axis 360. It is a collection of essays from mountain climber and outdoorsman Verl Rogers. He recounts humorous and ambitious adventures from youth to his 80s on outings covering everything from climbing to fishing with family in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

September 21st — Ruth Shearer, Panorama Author

Library, Upper Level, 1:30 PM. 3rd in our Panorama Author’s series, Ruth will share her experience as an author. Ruth’s book, Adventures in Seeking Environmental Justice in the 1980s is available in the Library.

It is non-fiction except for the names of the victims of pesticide, solvent, or hormone poisoning.  It tells how Ruth came to be involved with helping communities, tribes, unions, and individuals threatened with poisoning by toxic chemicals or already poisoned and seeking compensation for health damage and property damage.

Ruth is a retired registered nurse and toxicologist with a Ph.D. in Genetics. She is active with a variety of community organizations, including the Panorama Democratic Study Group and she has served on the City of Lacey Planning Commission and the LOTT Clean Water Alliance, Groundwater Recharge Study Group.

October 26th — Berta Kasmar, Panorama Author

1:30 PM, Library, Upper Level. Berta Kasmar will talk about her work in compiling the history of Panorama in her book, Panorama history: the first fifty yearsCopies are available in the Library.

November 2nd — Alec Clayton, Local Author

Alec 2009

Library, Upper Level, 1:30 PM. Alec Clayton, local author and painter, has written and self-published seven novels including Until the Dawn, Imprudent Zeal, The Wives of Marty Winters, The Backside of Nowhere, Reunion at the Wetside, Return to Freedom, and Visual Liberties. His paintings have been shown throughout the Pacific Northwest. He is an editor and writer for periodicals including The News Tribune and the Weekly Volcano in Tacoma, Washington, and Oly Arts in Olympia.

December 14th — Bob Bowers, Panorama Author

1:30 PM, Library, Upper Level. Bob Bowers will talk about his new book, Minnie: a story of caregivingCopies are available in the Library and at Gifts, etc.

“Minnie” is Bob’s first novel.  The title is the name of Bob’s grandmother, Minnie Shaw Warren.  In 1908, two days before Christmas in Northeast Missouri, Minnie gave birth to twins.  One was dead when born.  The other was live, weighed 3 pounds and lived for 93 years until 2002.  She was Rose Warren Bowers, Bob’s mother.  The novel is fiction based upon fact and family legend.  Until Bob was encouraged to write this novel by Brian Willis, Minnie was just a name on a tombstone in a small cemetery in the woods in Northeast Missouri. When the novel was finished she had become a living human being to her grandson.  It is a perfect subject for a December talk.

January 18th — Judith Mowery, Panorama Author


Library, Upper Level, 1:30 PM. Another of our Panorama Author’s series, Judith will share her experience as an author. Judith is a two dimensional artist and write of several articles and stories.

Judith’s books, The Elizabeth Ann Trilogy, are available in the library.