Library Events

January 18th — Judith Mowery, Panorama Author


March 5th — Mary Anne McClaire


Quinault Auditorium, 1:30 PM — Mary Anne McClaire will present reviews of New Books in the Panorama Library at the monthly Book Review.

April 10th — David Hinz, Panorama Author


Library, 1:30 PM. David Hinz, author of five books, all available in the Panorama Library, will talk about his books and his experience as an author.


May 17 — Pamela Joy Anderson, Local Author


Library, 1:30 PM. Pamela Joy Anderson discovered that home is where the U.S. Government sends you as she traveled the world with her husband, who was a Foreign Service Officer with the U.S. Agency for International Development. They lived in the Islamic world in Pakistan, Egypt, Bangladesh, and Indonesia, and the stories in her book, You Are the Needle and I Am the Thread, tell about their adventures raising children overseas, trailing tigers in the mangrove swamps of Bangladesh, exploring ancient markets in Cairo, and stumbling over cultural pitfalls, as well as others. Many of the vignettes were previously published in The Foreign Service Journal. The stories reflect their adaptation to life overseas as well as back home in this faith journey and memoir.